Providence House Profiles

Last month I volunteered to profile two of the residents of Providence House, which provides shelter and support for homeless, abused, and formerly incarcerated women.  Support their work here:

"I have lucked out, this shelter, it’s helping me and my children get to where I need to be. Someone’s always there to help. Even though this shelter is temporary we lucked out because this place has really benefitted us."

"Don’t assume that because you’re in a shelter or you were forced into a shelter that you’re not as good as anyone else. I didn’t ask to be put here. Due to certain circumstances I wound up here…. Eventually I will be out of here. And at the end of the day this was not a horrible experience. This was actually a very good experience. I think I actually got to find myself while I’m here. I have a place for my kids and not have negativity around us."

"The next step for me hopefully will be independence. I’m trying to get my own apartment and get back on my feet."

"I have meetings with my case manager every week and they’re helping me come up with a plan and goals. So a home is the next step."